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Product Information

Saw Wire

Wire used for slicing silicon. Designed to enable finer, tougher wire products.

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Saw wire is used in the wafer manufacturing processes needed to create semiconductors and solar batteries. It is a fine metal cutting wire used for finely slicing materials such as ingots.

Wide range of wire diameters from 50 to 300 μm, with dimensional tolerances of 1 μm or less.

Perfectly circular shape. Made from carefully selected high-quality, high-purity materials free from impurities to prevent variation in wafer cross-sections and wire breaks while slicing.
Designed to lower client costs and meet demands for finer, unbreakable wire. A finer, tougher wire that can minimize material loss when cutting.
Tokusen’s long history as a special metal wire specialist has provided a wealth of experience in wire drawing technology that has resulted in saw wire acclaimed for its high quality, and now in use by over 100 clients worldwide.