Special Metal Wire -Innovation leads to the future Evolution Tokusen  Kogyo is firmly committed to serving society as global experts in special metal wire.

进化”特殊金属线・・・持续通向未来的、改革的道路 Evolution 特殊金属线专家

Product Information

Drawing strong, thin metal wire and processing it into complex cross-sectional shapes...
Tokusen has earned a worldwide reputation by pursuing innovative new methods for processing metal wire.
Tokusen's dominant share of the global market is strong evidence of our superior technology and quality.
The name Tokusen is known throughout the automobile industry.
Each year, automotive standards for safety and environmental protection are becoming more stringent. Tokusen has responded by refining its technology through continuous research. Today, we contribute not only to the automobile industry but also to numerous other industries, including electrical appliances, office equipment, and textile machinery.
Offering micron-level precision and exceptional toughness, our products help to support the development and stability of modern society in a wide range of fields, earning the trust of customers in Japan and around the world.

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