Special Metal Wire -Innovation leads to the future Evolution Tokusen  Kogyo is firmly committed to serving society as global experts in special metal wire.

进化”特殊金属线・・・持续通向未来的、改革的道路 Evolution 特殊金属线专家

Technology Development -Quality Control Center-

TRUST -Quality Control- Earning customers' trust by offering products with sincerity

Quality control...
As a world-class manufacturer, Tokusen maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality.
This commitment is strengthened by company-wide unity and cooperation. Not only the Quality Control Department, but every employee in every department cooperates in conducting extremely demanding quality checks of our products, from the initial production stages to final inspection.
Close ties with customers are another key factor.
Tokusen obtains up-to-date information on the performance and quality customers require through close daily communications. By quickly responding and providing products of the necessary high-quality, we strengthen our relationship of trust.
Certification under ISO 9002 in 1998 and ISO 9001 in 2002...
Tokusen has earned the trust and confidence of customers around the globe by maintaining the highest standards of product quality, thanks to our employees’ dedication to the principle of “quality first,” world-class manufacturing facilities, and the outstanding efforts of everyone involved in product development and production.

Quality Control Center

  • Tension Tester ( Instron )
  • X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma
    Emission Spectroscopy
  • Vulcanizer

Shipping System

With the aid of a computer-controlled automated conveying and packing system, comprehensive quality control is maintained all the way through to product shipping.
  • Warehouse
  • Stacker Crane
  • Turning over Machine