Special Metal Wire -Innovation leads to the future Evolution Tokusen  Kogyo is firmly committed to serving society as global experts in special metal wire.

进化”特殊金属线・・・持续通向未来的、改革的道路 Evolution 特殊金属线专家

Technology Development -Manufacturing Plant-

INNOVATION Perfecting the "essence" of precision processing and applying it to new fields

Semiconductors, solar power generating equipment, office equipment, communications equipment...Special steel wire made possible by Tokusen’s unique technologies is indispensable to many products for which Japan is famous.
Thinner,precision,and more tough,with a uniformly consistent shape.
Tokusen’s world-leading technology achieves a remarkable precision of +/-0.2 micron, enabling ultrahigh precision taper processing of pins for precision equipment. As industries continue to demand ever higher precision, Tokusen’s technology has risen to the challenge.
Our widely recognized technological prowess is also contributing to the medical industry, where technology is advancing at an impressive pace.

Processing technologies

Wire Drawing

Drawing is the basic technology used for wire production.
With our unique technology, we are able to draw 5.5 mm thick metal wire material down to the required diameter without having to perform intermediate heat treatment, and draw down to a final diameter as thin as 0.01 mm.


Tokusen’s highly praised shaping technology is unrivaled.
Proprietary know-how enables us to draw metal wire into complex cross-sectional shapes by die drawing and rolling, and also by combining these two processes to create any desired shape.


Tokusen's numerous patents cover a wide range of stranding configurations. An in-house developed buncher enhances productivity. Combining it with a tubler ensures reliable production for meeting a diverse range of market needs.

Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment

Heat treatment is performed with consistently high quality utilizing equipment that can process any wire diameter from less than 1 mm to as thick as 10 mm, as well as a wide range of materials from standard carbon steel to other types of steel. We can thus produce special metal wire that combines exceptional toughness and durability, excellent rollability and processability, and a beautiful finish. Surface treatment requires advanced technology. Our brass plating line can process large quantities of wire at a single time, boosting productivity while allowing the characteristics needed for rubber adhesion to be individually controlled for each wire.

Special Processing (Micro Precision Processing)

The world’s highest processing precision.
Micron-level dimensional precision.
Such precision is achieved by combining state-of-the-art processing equipment, including some of original design, with a constant effort to stay one step ahead of customer needs.