Special Metal Wire -Innovation leads to the future Evolution Tokusen  Kogyo is firmly committed to serving society as global experts in special metal wire.

进化”特殊金属线・・・持续通向未来的、改革的道路 Evolution 特殊金属线专家

Technology Development -Technologies for new Product Development-

Finer, tougher, more varied products

By building on basic technologies accumulated over 40 years, Tokusen is combining a wide array of techniques and materials to create highly functional wires meeting demand for high strength, super ultrafineness, and high precision.

Ultrafine Wire and Other Processing Technologies

Ultrafine Wire Processing Technologies

Tokusen is bringing together various wire drawing technologies to provide high-strength, ultrafine, high-precision wires.
Tokusen's Tosmicron Nano piano wire (bottom)
in comparison to a single human hair (top)
High-Strength Wire Tosmicron® Type U has one of the highest piano wire pull strengths in the world (4,800 MPa).
Ultrafine Wire Tosmicron® Nano is the world's thinnest piano wire (0.009 mm diameter).
High-Precision Wire Tokusen's high-precision wire has a dimensional precision of ±0.0001 mm (±0.1 μm) over long lengths.

Ultrafine Shaping Technology

World-class shaping technology creates ultrafine shaped wire designed to meet client needs.
Flat Wire Just 0.005 mm thick. Supports widths unachievable with slit processing.
Square Wire Just 0.10 × 0.10 mm in size. Has a greater cross-section surface area than round wire, enabling finer wire of the same strength.
Other Tokusen can provide complex shapes to match client needs.

Ultrafine Stranded Wire Processing Technology

A long track record and wealth of expertise accumulated over many years ensure stranded wire that meets client needs.
Tokusen can provide stranded wires with various strands and stranding configurations, for a wide range of characteristics such as high strength and high rigidity.

High-performance surface treatment/surface modification technologies

Tokusen develops products that help improve corrosion and wear resistance, and provide various added functions.
1.Adhesion performance
Steel cord used for tire reinforcement is brass-plated to help it stick to the tire rubber.
2.Cutting performance
Attached abrasive grain saw wire used to cut highly brittle materials is made using electrodeposition technology to enable the diamond grains to stick to the wire.
3.Electrical characteristics
Electrode wire used to discharge ultrafine wires in microminiature processing is surface-treated for high discharge performance.
Tokusen will continue creating similar high-performance, multifunctional surface treatment technologies to develop products for fields such as energy, the environment, and medicine.

Plating Technology

Straightening Technology
Processing methods tailored to each wire type ensure outstanding straightness.
Centerless Technology
Creates tapered or perfectly circular shapes with outstanding dimensional precision using a proprietary processing unit.
Cutting Technology
A continuous wire cutting process that enables shapes impossible with rolling technology alone.
Tokusen's various wire types can be plated with a brass, bronze, nickel or copper surface treatment to provide the required characteristics.